Our Logo

​​In an effort to imbue our digital presence with a meaningful new look, we've designed a logo to project our firm's message. Having succeeded in the financial industry over the course of five decades, we wanted to express ideas of time, power, money, and (of course) our firm's name. Let's break down each element of the design to understand how it reflects our firm. 

The border shape:

Fans of antiquity might recognize the shape of our logo's border as a cartouche. Although the word itself is borrowed from the French word for "cartridge" (as in firearms), it actually describes a shape found in Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. The shape represented a scroll bearing the name of the person in power at the time of the inscription. Ultimately, they became a way to ward off evil. For our firm, the cartouche seemed relevant because of the long-term success of our firm. Our long term investment strategy also speaks to the length of Egyptian dynasties. Having succeeded for so long under the guidance of President Doug Ralston since 1976, we believe our firm has proven its ability not just to survive, but to thrive over the course of time.

The main glyph:

We wanted to display the initials of our firm's name in an elegant, stylized way. Sticking with the Ancient Egypt motif - the very motif emblazoned on the dollar bill - we started with Art Deco letter shapes. While there were many aesthetic factors informing our final design, the message we wished to deliver was one of dynamic motion. Like the markets themselves, our team is always moving as we work to do what's best for our clients. A combination of parallel lines and a break in the left leg of the "R" produces an effect of spiraling upwards, not unlike a Solomonic column. The color scheme also helps to achieve this effect (see below).

The color scheme:

Blue and gold are frequently used in the art of Ancient Egypt (just look at King Tut's death mask). By placing a flat gold over a rich blue gradient, we managed to emphasize the aforementioned feeling of an upwards flow. As if riding on wavy water, the gold glyph follows the vertical thrust of the blue background - and let's not forget, the Nile is the only major river to flow north. This idea of upward flow is meant to reflect our firm's bullish investment thesis just as much as it reflects our team's commitment to work hard for our clientele. While the markets do not always go up, our firm's belief is that a patient investor can ride out bear cycles; over the course of time, the market will have an upward trajectory.
On our website:

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